Moist orange and lemon cake

Happy weekend everyone! I started my weekend yesterday in the best possible way. I took the train to Roskilde to visit my sweet grandmother, and spent the night there. We had such a good time, baking, cooking, drinking wine and talking. And talking we did a lot of! I just love hearing her stories about what life was like fifty years ago, about meeting my grandfather and lots of... Read More

Ragù alla bolognese

Spaghetti alla bolognese is one of my favorite, and most comforting, dishes! It is hearty and delicious and easy to make if you have a couple hours to let it simmer. I know that bolognese is a touchy subject. All families have a way of making it, and for some it is a sin to put in tomatoes. View original post here: Ragù alla bolognese  Read More

Buttermilk pancakes

I am back in Denmark now! I had an absolutely wonderful trip where I met amazing people and got to see a little bit of the diverse country of South Africa. I will have to go back though since I feel like I just saw the tip of the iceberg. While I was away Andy had several exams, and he spent his January studying 12 hours a day, not leaving any time for cooking. He had actually... Read More

Green bean salad with walnuts and goats cheese

First of all, I am sorry that it has been so long since my last post. December has been busy so far, with school, work and many other chores. The other day I finally found some time to cook, and I baked some of my favorite christmas cookies and I was planning to post the pictures and recipe today. But then today I couldn’t find the cord that connects my camera to my computer,... Read More


One of my favorite things to eat in this world is pizza. I am always in the mood for pizza. Always! We have several great Italian pizza joints in our neigbourhood that supply us with easy and cheap dinners quite often, but the perfect dinner at home is of the home made varity. It is comforting, beautiful and it makes the whole house smell amazing.  Read More

Leg of goat with rosemary and garlic

Do you ever eat goat? No? Goat is super delicious, and pretty healthy too, I hear. It’s taste resembles lamb, but it is more understated and less fatty. What I am saying here is if you come across a beautiul piece of goat, you better buy it! My Dad has been cooking with goat for years, using many different parts of the animal Read this article: Leg of goat with rosemary... Read More


I love guacamole; I love it to death! It is the best before-dinner-snack served with some good tortilla chips. But most importantly, mexican food can’t live without it. Enchilladas, chimichangas, nachos, you name it. It all just gets better with a little help from the guacamole-friend.  Read More

The most delicious cinnamon snails

I found this recipe for cinnamon snails (or buns as you might call them) here , where  Newyorkerbyheart calls them the best ones EVER, and I had to try them out. And she was right; they are so fluffy and gooey and buttery and everything else that is good in the world, that you have to try this recipe. Preferably today! Here’s what you need to make about 25 big snails: For... Read More

Nachos loaded with delicious stuff

As you may know, I just got back from a visit with my in-laws in the US. Whenever we are in the states, it is a must for us to make a huge batch of delicious nachos. American supermarkets are much better for it than the Danish ones as they stock awesome tortilla chips, good hot sauce and fresh jalapenos. Nachos are tricky though; as much as I LOVE them, I usually hate the ones... Read More

I’m back!

After an absolutely wonderful summer, I am now reunited with my Mac back in Copenhagen. I wish summer could last 11 months out of the year, and winter would be limited to December. That would make me happy.  Andy and I spent all of July in Panama, travelling around the country in search of exciting places, birds (because) Andy is wild with them) and food. We found tons of beautiful... Read More

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