Baby it’s Cold Outside – Plants, Life and a Coleslaw

I’m the first to admit that food-blogging in the winter hasn’t been my strong point. See more here: Baby it’s Cold Outside – Plants, Life and a Coleslaw  Read More

Pear and Kale Salad with Blue Cheese and Walnuts

Hello foody friends, life has somewhat been on the hectic side of late and although that never effects my interest in food, I’ve been a bit remiss in putting stuff on the blog. To add to this, a few weeks ago I came home from a trip to find that my enthusiastic, pre-teen, blogging daughters had done something to rub the camera up the wrong way and it went on strike. I seem to have now managed to put a work-around in place until I can bring... Read More

Flakemeal Biscuits (Cookies) with a Seasonal Twist

When I mentioned to my sister that I was going to do a post about these biscuits, her response was, “It’s about time those biscuits go global”. So here you have them – my mother’s flakemeal (rolled oats) biscuits. When I go home to visit I’m usually barely in the door before a cuppa and a plate of flakemeal biscuits are thrust into my hands. It’s like, the ‘welcome home’ routine. But hey, who’s complaining?... Read More

Creamy Potato Gratin

Warning: This recipe contains large traces of cream and butter – stop reading now if you’re an anti-fat freak OK, I know what you’re thinking – if she’s not making cake, then she’s churning out creamy potato gratins. Not true really. What you see on my blog is just a snapshot of the food I make at home. I just happen to think that some things are more ‘blog-worthy’ than others. See the original... Read More

Kirsa’s Bread Rolls

It’s funny because I’ve been baking cakes, cookies etc. for as long as I remember, but I’ve always kind of steered clear of bread-making. I think it’s all that faffing around with yeast, floured work tops etc. that has put me off. This is not a good thing, people, when you live in Denmark. All Danes, no matter how inept they might otherwise be in the kitchen, can bake bread and they always seem to do it so effortlessly... Read More

Fresh Fruit Brekkie

I like to make this little number for breakfast now and again at the weekends. If we had my favourite fruits available locally here all year around, I’d make it all the time. When I make it in winter I can’t help thinking about the mother of all carbon footprints that it must be leaving behind! You can of course compile it as you like, but I’m a girl who likes her berries. Ingredients Cherries Strawberries Blueberries Mango 1-2... Read More

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