"Apple Fish" a la La Tascha

I have found this recipe on a apple cake called Æblefisk (=Apple Fish) on this blog La Tascha æblefisk med marcipan . It just looked so tasty, that  Read More

Apple mash with rosemary and vanilla

It is a wonderful thing to have good work colleagues , which are keen to supply you with their excess produce from their kitchen gardens. One of my work colleagues more or less supply with apples and squash upon request. Read more: Apple mash with rosemary and vanilla  Read More

Interesting talk about how to improve your daily way of eating

This afternoon my work place had organised a talk by Anne Ravn about how to improve your daily way of eating. It was a very relevant talk with a few down-to-earth suggestions /rules of thumbs of how you can change the way you eat into a more healthy way. Anne Ravn did not pointed fingers of anyone and she used herself as a very good example of what happens in real life after work. Read the original post: Interesting talk about how to improve your... Read More

Looking forward for selection of the best lemon mousse/citron fromage

I am really looking forward to the grant selection process of the BEST LEMON MOUSSE (citron fromage in Danish)  Read More

Enthusiasm at Restaurant Geist

Bo Bech is a star chef who dares to call himself one of Denmark’s best chefs. Read more: Enthusiasm at Restaurant Geist  Read More

I Quit !

Today I resigned my job. And it didn’t happen the way I anticipated it. My current posistion is at a public service TV station in the IT department. And I love this workplace and all the wonderful colleagues. But the work assignments are dull ! In other words, they don’t fit me, I need more challenging work where I can do what I’m best at See the rest here: I Quit !  Read More

Planting potatoes in pots

Yesterday was another big day  Read More

Extended week-end to Switzerland

Last week-end was an extended week-end for me, as I took the train from Vejle to Bern in Switzerland to visit a good friend working there. I had packed my suitcase with a few gifts for her in form of gin, a collection of Easter egg from Summerbird, pork meat (rullepølse), a cooking book by Camilla Plum and cheese cutter. My friend was away from home with her work, when I arrived. However, the bed in the guest bed was decorated with various Easter... Read More

Marzipan muffin with pear and cardamon

I “won” the right to bake cake for my work colleagues in our X Factor (Danish Idol) cake competition, as  Read More

Awesome apple pie with marzipan and a hazelnutty caramel topping

A couple of weekends ago, I went to my Dad’s house in Sweden with my brother and my aunt. It was a wonderful weekend of fabulous food, wine and walks. The weather was cold and grey, and Saturday afternoon I decided to make this apple pie, that I had been wanting to make for a while. And I did not regret it; it was amazing! The cinnamony apple filling, the delicious marzipan and the crunchy caramel topping was a big hit, and I will surely be... Read More

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